All-Natural Beef

Tap Root Farm™ partners with Barton Creek Farms to provide two ways to purchase Tennessee Certified All-Natural Angus Beef:
  1. By the cut at current market prices
  2. Bulk beef (1/4, 1/2, whole) sold by the hang weight plus processing fees

Know your farmer, know your food!

  • All meat is certified all-natural by the Tennessee Department of Agricuture and inspected by the USDA
  • Cuts are individually vacuum-sealed and labeled, then flash-frozen for your freshest dining pleasure
  • Our beef have NO hormones, NO antibiotics, NO growth stimulants, NO additives, NO food coloring, NO preservatives…just flavorful healthy beef
  • Our cattle are humanely treated, eat all-natural grasses, and are finished on natural, non-chemically treated mixed grains for excellent tenderness and full-flavored beef…just like Grandpa used to do!

With any questions, or to get on our waiting list, call 615.594.3210.

all-natural beef
all-natural beef