Equine Assisted Learning

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) gives clients (individuals, families, or teams) the opportunity to work through and heal from general life problems such as anxiety, ADHD, adoption, life’s stress, addiction, and physical and emotional abuse of all sorts where the horse, in reality, is one’s counselor. Horses are like mirrors and allow us to see ourselves in a light that gives us hope for a future more positive than the past. The horses partner with us as we journey forward using positive coping patterns for life’s path.
  1. EAL allows people to push forward through life’s crisis by learning from and working with horses.
  2. EAL gives clarity to goals as one determines their path to the desired changes for their life.
  3. Through EAL, we see success in growing our coping skills for life’s crazy times via exercises with our equine friends.
  4. Sometimes complete healing cannot be attained in a counselor’s office…but breakthrough is only a horse away! EAL partners with Counselor’s to work together as we accomplish full realizations of thorough peace and harmony with clients.
  5. EAL can be a part of Individual, Family, Corporate or Group sessions and is also used in team building to realize maximum growth potential.

Experience with horses is not necessary for EAL to be effective for the client. Please contact Susan Ingraham for more information.